Muslim youths spend 21st night of Ramadan 2014 in an annual lecture series

Fortifying the Foundation of PEACE

Muslim youths spend 21st night of Ramadan 2014 in an annual lecture series

COTABATO CITY – Around a thousand of Muslim youths graced the annual Grand Qiyamul Layl Symposium 2014 last July 19-20, 2014 at CCSPC Gymnasium, Cotabato City with a theme “Self-Reformation: A Gateway to Peace and Progress”. Spearheaded by the United Voices for Peace Network (UVPN) through the chairmanship of UVPN Minister of Religious Affairs Engr. Zubair A. Guiaman, the activity was conducted in collaboration with the Cotabato City State Polytechnic College or CCSPC’s Supreme Student Government (SSG) led by SSG President Nasserudin D. Dunding, and CCSPC Muslim Student Association (MSA) led by its founder Amenodin M. Samporna.

CCSPC Vice President Dr. Mohamma Taha S. Pendaliday led the formal opening of the program. In his inspirational message, he expressed his support for this kind of collaborative initiative. Correspondingly, the UVPN Prime Minister Hamodi L. Tiboron, CPA, gave an overview of UVPN tackling its vision, mission, goals and philosophy to aware the participants about the basic tenets of the Association.

“One of the goals of UVPN is to motivate the Muslim people to practice the true teachings of Islam for them to be able to engage into a sincere and genuine peace dialogue with the people of other beliefs and cultures” said by Mr. Tiboron relating the conduct of the activity.

During the one night activity, series of lecture in line with the theme were highlighted by nationally recognized Islamic scholars in Cotabato City.

Mufti Abu Hurairah Udasan of well-known Darul Ifta rendered a discussion on the “Absolute Practice of Islam: Solution to the Problems of the Muslim Ummah” emphasizing the importance of revisiting, studying and following the Qur’an and the practices of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in solving the political and social problems encountered by Muslim Ummah at the present time.


On the topic, “Preparing the youth as Future Muslim Leader”, Ustadz Nasrudin Musa of the Hayatul Ulama – Philippines stressed the importance of formation or affiliation to youth organizations as a good venue in molding the youth to become future catalysts. For this reason, education is an important tool in equipping them as already obliged by Islam at the outset.

Boardmember of the GINAKIT Philippine Foudation Incorporated, Ustadz Ismael Andil Tuanadatu, then discussed the “Importance of Self-Reformation in the Present Society”. Tawbah, Arabic for self-reformation, was underlined as one of the steps leading to societal stability and harmony as it encourages positive change from oneself, within the family, then eventually, to the community.

Furthermore, as a month of mercy and blessings, the “Significant Teachings of Ramadan” was rendered by Ustadz Faisal Dacungan Director of Mahad Alil Amir. Accordingly, various forms of worship are being taught by Ramadan including acts of worship, reading Qur’an, remembrance of Allah (Dhikr) and ectetera. Ust. Dacungan also shared the Do-s and Don’t-s in fasting.

Lastly, Ustadz Marhan Mohamad Burhan from Bangsamoro Transition Commission rendered a lecture on the “Attributes of Ideal Muslim and Muslima”. In this lecture, the Muslims duty in observing Salah was given emphasis and the importance of having unconditional love for humanity.

To answer the questions of the participants in line with the topics, the program included rounds of open forum between the aforementioned lectures.

Literally, Qiyamul Layl means spending the night or part of it in any acts of worship. Since its foundation in 2005, the UVPN, in collaboration partner organizations and with support from local and international donors, conducts the Grand Qiyamul Layl Symposium year after year within the last ten odd nights of Ramadan in an aim for Muslims to seek and witness the blessed night of Laylatul Qadr.

“The Night of Al-Qadr is better than thousand nights. Therein descend the angels and the Ruh (Angel Jibreel) by Allah’s permission with all Decrees. All that night, there is peace until the appearance of dawn”, as the Almighty Allah said in the Qur’an 97: 3-5. 

– Mohamad Abdulfarid Delna, UVPN Minister of Records and Documentations