Qiyamul Layl in Taguig City: A first for UVPN

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Qiyamul Layl in Taguig City: A first for UVPN


For years, the United Voices for Peace Network (UVPN) had been conducting one of its major activities every Ramadhan which is very  well known as “Qiyamul Layl”. The program which is usually scheduled within the last ten days of Ramadhan, starts with a series of Islamic lectures after Tarawih prayer and ends with the participants praying tahajjud and eating shuhur together. This great event started in the Ramadhan of 2006 in Sultan Kudarat and was widely accepted and participated by many—from high school students to members of the community. Since then, every year UVPN have been working on and improving the Qiyamul Layl in Sultan Kudarat as a collaborative effort of the Muslim youth to anticipate and prepare for the greatest night in Ramadhan that may come only once every year: the Laylatul Qadr or the Night of Power.  

This year though, is different. For Alhamdulillah, UVPN had finally implemented two sets of Qiyamul Layl: one in Kutawato (Cotabato) and the other one, in Taguig City which is a first time for UVPN.

The UVPN Qiyamul Layl 2013, with the theme: “Self Reformation: a gateway to Peace and Progress” was held last August 2, 2013 (25th day of Ramadhan) at the Green Mosque Compound, IRM Road, New Bicutan, Taguig City. It was well participated by more than 200 people from the nearby Muslim community. The four sets of lectures delivered by three great Islamic lecturers done during the program had a great impact on the audiences. The community was indeed grateful that such kind of activity started in their place, and they hope these kinds of activities initiated by the youths will continue.

The Qiyamul Layl in Taguig City made possible through the great blessings of Allah and the efforts of not just the few UVPN members in the area but also due to the efforts, support and contribution of many volunteers and Muslim brothers and sisters in the area. Without them, indeed the success of the program will remain as a dream. The UVPN in Taguig and Manila—and the UVPN family as a whole—is indeed grateful to the following people/groups: the Imam in Green Mosque, Imam Abdulhamid; the IRM Tambayan youth volunteers; the Abo Family; the the Ponga Sisters; Mr. and Mrs. Compania; the Basman Family for the LCD Projector; Dr. Abdullah from UPCM; our three lecturers namely Hasim Iskak, Ustadz Abdurrahim Masdal, and Ustadz Abdulhamid Pigkawlan; and all the participants from the community during the said event.


May Allah reward us all for all the efforts we did for His sake. May Allah continue to shower His blessings to the Muslim Ummah, especially the Muslim youths. Ameen.